BMW B58 Decat Downpipe

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Willow Performance are excited to introduce our 4.5" Catless Downpipe for BMW B58 Engines. This Includes the following models:
M140i, M240i, 340i, 440i, 540i, 740i, X3 40i

We chose 4.5" to avoid a step when going from the turbo to the downpipe in order to improve overall flow and decrease backpressure from turbulence caused if we used a 4". This is due to the new turbochargers on the B58 engines utilising a much larger 4.5" outlet compared to the 4" outlet on the older N55 engines. Our catless downpipe has been fitted to our M140i demo car and has not only vastly improved turbo spool, throttle response, sound but is also allowing the turbo to perform in cooler condition with less back pressure prolonging life.

Expect gains of around 25-30hp & 15-20 ft/lbs from this one modification. This has been proven by multiple dyno's. This is truly a must have for the B58 engines and really do wake them up. Main beauty with our downpipes is the fact that they can be fitted to either factory or aftermarket systems with no issues.

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!! Free Heat Shielding Fitted To All Downpipes (We Reserve the right to fit Titanium headwrap or hex sheeting depending on availability !!